Musik Workshops Toskana

Dear Music & Dance Friends,

Wherever you may be on your musical journey, whether you play classical music or jazz, whether you are just beginning or are advanced, we, professional musicians, composers and musicologists, with many years experience of teaching and giving workshops to enthusiastic amateur, as well as advanced singers and instrumentalists, will help you and escort you further on your path.

Each of you, most probably, has a particular aspect of music that you wish to learn or improve, and at Musikworkshops Toskana, we try to understand what your aspirations are, and tailor your workshop experience to match your expectations. Our goal is to optimize your potential, and help you make progress by the end of your course. You will leave us with new skills, and a reinvigorated sense of confidence in your musicianship. 

The workshops take place in the peace and tranquility of the Castagneto-Carducci region; ideal for anyone wishing to spend time on their music and instrument. The air is beautiful and clean, and benefits all, especially singers and wind players. Long beaches, pine forests, rolling hills, olive groves are all within easy reach. By the way, you are welcome to bring friends, family and companions along with you, even if they do not wish to participate in a workshop. Suitable accomodation can be found whatever your requirements may be.

All the best

Alexis Pope

Musikworkshops Toskana